Author of The Three Einsteins, The Best Party of Our Lives", and Ugly Time


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Sarah Galvin is a the author of Ugly Time, The Three Einsteins and The Best Party of our Lives; contributor to The Guardian, Vice Magazine, The Stranger, and City Arts; and also a human bottle rocket. She has an MFA in poetry from the University of Washington.

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"At the bourgie dinner party of contemporary poetry, where the chin-strokers agonize in the kitchen about the looming death of verse in American letters, Sarah Galvin skids through the door on a souped-up Centurion bicycle, tells everyone to shut up for a second and asks, “Are these beers in the fridge free?”

Born and bred in Seattle, Galvin, 28, is a dead ringer for a young Bob Dylan if Bob Dylan slung a boat-chain bike lock over his shoulder and uptalked at the end of his jokes like an old man in a tiff with a whippersnapper. Speaking of jokes, good luck keeping up with Galvin. When she’s on, she’s unstoppable."
-Rich Smith for City Arts