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The Butt Show


The Butt Show | august 20th, 2015

Hot Dog 225 invites you to join us for our inaugural art event, The Butt Show™

The Butt Showwill take place at the FHD225 gallery (901 6th Ave #308, Seattle, WA 98104) on August 20th at 8 PM and will celebrate the acquisition of a rare, two of a kind piece of artwork recently obtained by Hot Dog 225 curators Mary Anne Carter and Sarah Galvin.  Part (F)art Party, part Shit Show, The Butt Show™ will feature work of all mediums that celebrate, humiliate, or explore The Butt. 

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Featured Artists:

Ashley Armitage
Kirk Damer
Mary Anne Carter
Webster Crowell
Zooey England
Derek Erdman
Sarah Galvin
Jasmine Gervais
Shannon Perry
Nick & Scott Robins
Soyoung Shin
Amy Traut
Nicole Vaughn
Jennifer Zwick