Author of The Three Einsteins, The Best Party of Our Lives", and Ugly Time


sarah galvin performance mary anne carter

Sarah Galvin is a performer who loves to appear, disappear and explode. She won a 2015 Lottery Grant in the category of performance.



Go Ass Crazy: A poetry reading and fashion show in collaboration with Mary Anne Carter, Stella Rose St. Claire, and Monica McClure at Question the Store in Brooklyn, NY

Hugo Lit Series "Beating a Dead Horse" 

City Arts Genre Bender 2015 

NEPO 5K Don't Run: Galvin performed at the NEPO 5K annually for five years. Descriptions and photos of each year's performance are available here: 201520142013, 2013 Video, 2012, 2011.

APRIL’S A "Poet, a Playwright, a Novelist, and a Drag Queen"

Ed Skoog's "Triggering Town Review" 

Satori Group's "Hotel Party"


Mapping Seattle's Fig Trees and Places of Shame With Ed Skoog of the Triggering Town Review (The Stranger)

A Talk With Sarah Galvin About Playing George Washington and Being Fired From a Cannon (The Stranger)

Genre Bender 2015 (City Arts)